How to react when an employee asks for a salary increase?

A question that all human resources managers sooner or later ask themselves, and to which it is not always easy to answer. The request for an increase in employee compensation must always be taken into account, taking into account the worker’s value and the real possibilities of growth in the company.

The acceptance of the request depends not only on the company resources, but above all on the effective evaluation of the employee: if the latter is worthy and capable and there are currently no prospects for economic growth, a good strategy is to reassess the whole job position trying to promote an improvement that does not depend on the salary, but making sure that the request presented is taken back into consideration as soon as possible.

Make sure the request presented is taken back into consideration as soon as possible

You must avoid an attitude aimed at truncating all the hopes of wage increases also for the future, with the risk of demotivating the employee. It is fundamental to make the employees themselves to evaluate themselves, expressing a judgment on their professional value. In this regard, human resource management experts recommend that a self-assessment form be completed for workers, trying to focus attention on the past journey and on the prospects for the future. It could be an effective strategy to ensure that employees take a constructive approach to “negotiations” regarding company compensation,

Constructive approach to “negotiations” regarding company compensation