I’ve been training Rugby for twenty-three years. It’s a great sport with specific rules (written and not written) and an amazing discipline. It’s could be also recognized as a self-defense system or a fast learning method to understood where is your right place. it’s a sport that change every year: new rules, new techniques, new exercises to train your body and your brain.

I’ve been managing projects and programs for over 8 years and worked in corporate environments, both big and small, with local and global reach. My experience is in IT space, but I have daily business operations, sales, and customer support. I’ve tried agile and not agile methods.

So, what can be common in rugby and Project Managing. My coaches with years of experience continuously pushes everyone to focus on basics, which are tackling, advancing, pressing, supporting and continuing to tackle, advancing, pressing and supporting and go on. Without it, even a strong team will fail and can lose the match.

I think it’s uniform when it comes to basics. Fail to define the scope and milestones, track actions and issues, manage stakeholders and communication, and the failure is imminent. It won’t matter if an A grade rugby player or an amateur, you have to focus on the basics.

So, what I can suggest is… focus on the basics first and just after start developing your game.

Focus on the basics