The book of the month is…

The Sentient Enterprise: The Evolution of Business Decision Making, written by Oliver Ratzesberger and Mohanbir Sawhney.

The book outlines five-stage approach to building the “autonomous decisioning platform”. Using this five-step process, Sawhney and Ratzesberger chart a course for readers that ultimately arrives at a new model for analytic capability, maturity and agility at scale.

The 5 steps are:

1) Proactive and able to sense micro-trends signaling the next opportunity or alerting the next crisis

2) Frictionless because it can act as a single organism without any impedance or bottlenecks

3) Autonomous to listen to data and make decisions in real time without much human intervention

4) Scalable to any size company and able to leverage unlimited data for making decisions

5) Evolving through intelligence that is native and emergent

(a small deep dive ➡️ here )

The Sentient Enterprise summarizes the achievement of “sentience” that an analytics journey should lead companies toward.

It’s not meant to represent an actual destination.

The authors created this strategy through research and interviews with top executives from over a dozen blue-chip organizations including Dell, Verizon, GM and Wells Fargo. This book is more a journey then a strategy. It is the way your company will get there. This methodology is disrupting entire industries and changing the very nature – the very identity – of large companies across nearly all sectors of our economy. It is a journey every big company should take if they seek to understand how data can help them become even better in order to survive and compete in today’s data-driven marketplace.

The Sentient Enterprise is more of a North Star that every large business should aspire to be, as it struggles to make decisions at the speed of data.

If you continually hear the same issues, such as:

  • We’re spending valuable meeting time wondering why everyone’s data doesn’t match up.
  • We can’t leverage our economies of scale while remaining agile with data.
  • We need self-serve apps that let the enterprise experiment with data and accelerate the development process.
  • We need to get on a more predictive curve to ensure long-term success.

this book is clearly for you and your organization! You want to take your company in the direction it needs to go to survive, lead, and disrupt in this changing, data-intensive world.

Mohan and Oliver believe you can be the pioneers of your organizations.

This book will inspire you by getting you to think about how this model can bring you competitive advantage and not just ideas about data innovation. Success is possible if you embrace the changes and methods needed to fully leverage big data analytics for your businesses.

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