Do you think success is only the result of casual luck or it’s child of experience and commitment?

There are hundreds of different types of quality that can help us to succeed and surely more we help our qualities, more we cultivate it, better will be our time and our lives. What is the thing that unites students, sellers, politicians and all people to achieve success? One thing: the grint!

Grit is that “something more” that separates common people from successful people. To persevere in their idea, to not abandon their passion or, better to pursuit of their own dream is that “something more” that allows them to transform dreams into reality, thus achieving their goals.

It is therefore evident that developing grit is something to do in addition to normal daily activities and if you do not do it … you should!

  1. You have to give more than you get. Knowing to wait is essential for success because the¬†real achievement¬†show itself only when it’s the right time. Trying to anticipate it does not lead to anything.
  2. You have to make mistakes, learn from them and try again and again. Reading the book “The Lean Startup” by Erik Ries it’s easy to understand that there are 2 things that connect the most successful entrepreneurs: They don’t matter what other people think and they aren’t focused on imagining how to avoid failures. Simply, these “super” entrepreneurs don’t lose their sleep worrying about their possible failures but consider the incidents of the path as small steps needed to attain their goals.
  3. You must never give up but keep fighting even when you feel overwhelmed. As rugby players that continue to fight until the end of 80 minutes even when the result is now certain, so you don’t have to stop fighting. When things get worse, you have two options: knock down and suspend or try to overcome the obstacle by growing at the same time. When the games become difficult, players start playing.
  4. You have to know how to lead when no one follows. You have to believe in yourself especially when you don’t have a road already shown to follow. True grit shows itself in the difficulties, when no one believes in you.
  5. You have to do things you do not want to. Work involves both positive and negative aspects and knowing how to make difficult choices is part of the role. Every moment spent grumbling subtracts time and energy at achieving the ultimate goal.
  6. Hold back your emotions. Managing emotions and pressure is something you must learn to do. You cannot be afraid by something goes wrong but you can definitely learn to stay focused on your goals, to clear your mind to think clearly and do not break under the emotions.
  7. Believe in your presentiments. It does not mean that you have to be driven by impulsiveness, but try to see the facts from all possible angles and trust your presentiments if you don’t see it crystal clear

The grit is the base of success and can be trained even with small daily activities.

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