The book of the month is…

Are you smart enough to work at Google guides readers through the solutions to dozens of the most challenging interview questions asked during the Google’s interview. You can understand their tecniques and how to start thinking out of the box.

An example of the puzzle you will read is:
“What follows the sequence 10, 9, 60, 90, 70, 66?”. Each number, when written as a word, is the highest possible containing one more letter than its predecessor. The next number could be 96 (since “ninety-six” contains one letter more than “sixty-six”, and so on..).

So, if you like this kind of puzzles then you will love this book and you will find a very big list of questions with all the possible “answers”.

Learn the importance of creative thinking, how to get a leg up on the competition, what your social page says about you, and much more.