The book of the month is…

The art of war is one of the oldest military treaties and at the same time the most prestigious and influential strategy text of the world. What Sun Tzu teaches us is the ability to understand and put into practice a winning strategy. A personalization of theoretical tactics and a realization of the victory.

The strategic-philosophical thoughts in the book are a warning to everyday life about the ability to deal with problems and pitfalls. The ability of the fundamental philosophy of Oriental philosophy, from the principle of the harmony between the opposites, which, though continually creating polarizations, tensions and wars, is still tending to reconsider and consider conflict as an exception, a violation of natural equilibrium.
It’s not a coincidence that the very first words in the book are a severe warning against any military enterprise thought and implemented lightly or viewed as the shortest way to achieve a result: “War is of vital importance to the state, it is matter of life or death, a choice that can lead to success or ruin. It is a field of study and reflection that can not be tackled lightly.

Warriors, military leaders, political men, important management schools all over the world, industry and finance managers continue to read it creating an inexhaustible source of inspiration and meditation.