The book of the month is…

Hagakure, along with Sun Tzu’s “Art of war”, is one of the most famous and controversial works handed down by Japanese literature. It encloses the ancient wisdom of the samurai in the form of short aphorisms.

The author, Yamamoto Tsunetomo, who lived in an era of peace and consequent decay of the figure of the samurai, closed in a Buddhist monastery where he taughts the old code of honor to the young Tashiro Tsuramoto. The student transcribed the conversations with the master and collected them in the eleven volumes that make up “Hagakure”, a precious testimony of a complex and positive thought.

The choice of aphorisms is an invitation to reflection and an instrument for inner research.
The best way to read this book is to browse it one page a day and reflect on how read it. The book does not have plot, but it is a collection of real pearls of samurai culture ables to transmit every day a charge of motivation, determination and energy. A good example for all the managers in the world.