How to hold off and manage stress in these cases?

Mental preparation for public speaking is very important. Sometimes speaking in public involves a STRESS RESPONSE, an adrenaline rush, in which the instinctive response is “fight and run”.

How to hold off and manage stress in these cases? Here you can find 8 tips that I follow before a speech:

  1. Meditation: For example focusing on breath and/or mentally repeating a mantra as “I can do it”;
  2. Prepare your voice: Sing, laugh and warm up your voice;
  3. Move: Walk to make the adrenaline circulate;
  4. Because I’m doing it: Remember ourselves the meaning of what we are doing, its value and usefulness;
  5. Exercise us: Dedicate the right time to try and practice;
  6. Take care of us: Drink, hydrate and eat the right without being hungry;
  7. Friends faces: Look for friends and empathetic faces in the audience;
  8. Prepare a plan B.


Obviously these tips aren’t a panacea against all ills, you need to know how to avoid the 4 major traps that C. Anderson always talks about, which are:

  1. Want to Sell: in the sense of taking something from the public, rather than giving. Put yourself in the shoes of those who listen to us and ask how we can satisfy their needs with our speech;
  2. Don’t improvise;
  3. Delong on himself, our company and our team and results in a self-referential way, describing only without transmitting ideas, principles, values ​​on which the company is inspired;
  4. Cure the form of the speech, but not the substance, perhaps copying moves and style of other speakers considered charismatic.


I hope to help you for your future speeches… If you like, write me to share your ideas and comments