The book of the month is

The new one-page project manager written by Clark A. Campbell and Mick Campbell, demonstrates how to efficiently and effectively communicate essential elements of a project’s status.


Through one of my ex colleagues, Reka, I discovered the One Page Project Manager (OPPM) tool and book. For me was a shock and I could immediately see how OPPM fit together. An OPPM template reduces any project—, no matter how large or complicated, —to a simple one-page document, perfect for communicating to upper management and other project stakeholders.

Reduces any project to a simple one-page document

The book explains the methodology because for each project there shall be one page. In the figure below you can see a sample from the OPPM web site.

This layout provides at-a-glance information about a single project:

  • Major Tasks: This section shows the high level tasks for the project.
  • Objectives: Shows the project objectives that are met by the task
  • Timeline:  Provides information about when the task will be worked on and completed.
  • Cost:  Displays current budget metrics so the project manager can take action if necessary.
  • Owners:  Identifies the various owners of the task.  This identifies who has responsibility.

Major tasks, objectives, timeline, cost and owners

Now in its Second Edition, this practical guide has itself been simplified, then refined and extended to include the innovative AgileOPPM.