The book of the month is

Motivational Interviewing: Preparing people for change, written by William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick, shows a powerful technique for overcoming ambivalence and helping clients to get “unstuck”. The authors explain current thinking on the process of behavior change, present the principles of MI, and provide detailed guidelines for putting it into practice. Case examples illustrate key points and demonstrate the benefits of MI in different contexts. The authors also discuss the process of learning MI.

Motivational interviewing is a useful style of interacting with people in counseling situations where the person may not want to be helped and may not understand the need for a change!

So, the question is: “Why i chose this book?” Simply because it helped me to understand the teory of Motivational Interviewing, not from a psychotherapeutic but theoretical point of view to be reused in my everyday work.

In my life i encountered a lot of people wanting to change but unable to proceed for many reason. This book helped me to understand how to interact with them and help them to choose a new way!