The book of the month is…

Is Reporting Dead?written by Teodor Danciu and Tom McKibben, shows how data reporting has transformed from printed summations for boardroom execs to on-demand information for people in the field who need it now.

Enterprise reporting has evolved considerably in recent years thanks to new data sources, modern APIs, architectures, and more. Reporting tools remain an indispensable part of making sense out of the torrent of data available for the end user. The most useful ones should satisfy most of the following criteria.

“The world is made of data”

So, reading this book you will find how to:

  • Get a brief history of data reports;
  • Move through paradigm shifts;
  • Take a peek at the future with the advent of the Internet of Things and continued growth of big data;
  • Learn the criteria that today’s reporting tools will have to satisfy.

To learn about these changes and how to take advantage in your own reporting environment, download your free copy at this link (thanks to Jaspersoft).